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Nortex Construction Company is a Texas corporation started in 1984 as a satellite of Panhandle Steel Erectors Inc. located in Amarillo, Texas. Knut Mjolhus is the president.

Concrete Panel Erection Pre-cast Erection

Parking Garages
Structural Pre-cast
Hollow Core Plank
Architectural Pre-cast
Agricultural Buildings

Crane Rental

Panhandle Steel Erectors has a fleet of about 50 cranes rangin from 15 ton 440 ton. With the variety of cranes available we make sure our customers get the most cost effective equipment for each project.

Parts and Services

Parts and Service (Terex and Pettibone dealer)

Equipment List

15-20 Ton Cherry Pickers 64
40 Ton Hyd Truck Cranes 94+49
60 Ton Hyd Truck Cranes 110+56
80 Ton Hyd Truck Crane 142+56
110 Ton Hyd Truck Crane 142+56
110 Ton All Terrain Crane 164+59
150 Ton All Terrain Crane 171+99
220 Ton All Terrain Crane 197+126
250 Ton All Terrain Crane 223+122
350 Ton All Terrain Crane 197+194 fixed or 200 luffing
75 Ton Lattice Truck Crane 180+50
90 Ton Lattice Truck Crane 200+50
125 Ton Lattice Crawler Crane 240+60
165 Ton Lattice Truck Crane 240+60
300 Ton Lattice Truck Crane 330+100
330 Ton Lattice Crawler Crane 322+115
440 Ton Lattice Crawler Crane 315+ Ext. Upper Boom Point
110 Ton Lattice Crawler Crane 200'+60+
165 Ton All Terrain Crane 197'+105'
Mantis Tele-Boom Crawler cranes
30 Ton 80+40
50 Ton 111+50
70 Ton 111+50
Bare Rental Equipment
15-20 Ton Fixed Cab Picker 64
30 Ton Rough Terrain Crane 94+26

Nortex specializes in structural steel erection, steel fabrication, precast concrete erection, concrete tilt-up wall erection and crane rental.

Steel Erection

Retail/Convenience Stores